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Help support the Brigade during COVID-19

Your support for the Midshipman Activities Fund will provide an immediate impact as Academy leadership works to boost the morale of the Brigade.  COVID-19 has drastically transformed how current Midshipmen learn and live together. The Midshipman Activities Fund (MAF) provides flexible funding that benefits every midshipman.  Now, more than ever, support is needed to support key areas of the midshipman experience to boost morale.
In March and in response to COVID-19, the Academy was closed to outside visitors which drastically reduced business for the Midshipman Store, Drydock Café, the Visitor Center and the Naval Academy Club, all operated by the Academy’s Business Services Division. The profits, which fund the Midshipman Activities Fund, have been diminished but the need remains.
Why is the MAF important? 
It supports:
Accommodations to the COVID-19 environment:
Workout facilities have been reduced to 1/10th of normal capacity to enable social distancing.  The Academy needs additional fitness and recreational equipment to continue support the physical development component of the Academy mission.  Examples:
“Fitness boxes” to be placed in outdoor locations around the Yard
Additional recreational equipment to accommodate increased midshipman use as liberty outside the Yard is restricted
Resources to fund a variety of other initiatives aimed at maintaining the morale of Brigade during the continued restricted liberty policies necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19.
Extra-curricular activities (ECAs), Brigade musical activities like the Glee Club, Gospel Choir, and the Drum and Bugle Corps, and the Academy’s 16 club sports provide recreational outlets for the entire Brigade, and they are all funded by the MAF. 

 Your gift support for the Midshipman Activities Fund will make a tangible impact on virtually every midshipman as the Academy navigates the rocks and shoals of these uniquely challenging times.  

Thank you. LINK and Details for the Give Campus Initiative can be found here