Letter From: United States Postal Service, United States Naval Academy


This letter contains important information about sending mail and packages to your Midshipman at the US Naval Academy (USNA), and supersedes any other previous mailing instructions. The USNA Post Office, located in Bancroft Hall, is operated under the US Postal Service.
However, back in 2013 it began delivering packages from UPS and FedEx. To ensure a quick and accurate mail delivery, please follow the tips below:

  •  For the fastest delivery of your package/mail to your Midshipman, we encourage the use of the US Postal Service. We provide many alternate delivery options for packages including manual package lockers, electronic package lockers (GoPost), and for small packages there is direct delivery to the Midshipman’s PO Box. The Midshipmen have 24/7 access to their PO Boxes and to all package lockers.

*These above options are not available for UPS and FedEx packages. All UPS/FedEx packages must be picked up at the retail counter during normal business hours as they have to be signed for***

  •  If a Midshipman requires an item by the next day, it is strongly recommended that it be sent via Priority Express Mail through the US Postal Service. This is the only mail that we guarantee next day delivery on.
  • For all mail and packages sent through the US Postal Service ONLY – The US Postal Service processes all packages, letters, enveloped mail and magazines on​ automated equipment that reads the addresses. To facilitate timely delivery of these items the mail must be addressed in the following format: 

Midshipman’s name
Annapolis, MD 21412

  •  For all packages shipped via UPS and FedEx ONLY – All packages shipped via UPS/FedEx must follow the following address format:

Midshipman’s name
1 Wilson Rd. # XXXXX (the 5 digit PO Box number)
Annapolis, MD 21412

Before the UPS/FedEx package is available for your Midshipman to pick up at the Post Office, please allow a minimum of 24 hours from the time when the package is signed for and scanned delivered at USNA.

  •  Any mail and/or package that do not include the above proper address formats may be returned to the sender for an insufficient address.
  •  Due to Postal Regulations the USNA Post Office is unable to provide Midshipman’s addresses over the phone.
  •  If you are mailing a Perishable item, please alert you Midshipman to pick up their item(s)​ immediately. We can only hold a perishable item for 3 days. 

The US Postal Service looks forward to handling all of your postal needs. If you have any​ questions regarding mail service at the United States Naval Academy, you may contact the office at 410-293-3787.

Thank you!
United States Postal Service, United States Naval Academy

Naval Academy Parents Club of Long Island


Naval Academy Parents’ Club of Long Island  

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May 11                1st Lt Michael LiCalzi Ace in the Hole Run

May 20                Class of 2022 Herndon Climb

May 18-25          Class of 2019 Commissioning Week

June 1                            Welcome Aboard Picnic

Marjorie Post Park 

Unqua Rd, Massapequa, NY 11758

June 27                Class of 2023 I-DAY

July                       Plebe Parent Social TBD

August 8-11        OSTS to Freeport AND Port Jeff 

August 9-12        Plebe Parent Weekend

August 15           Brigade Reform

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