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Good Morning from Annapolis,                                                                                                                    April 14, 2015

Included in this email is information regarding newly revamped Permit to Report information, parent Facebook page vs group, parent resources update,  and aCommissioning Week update. Please forward this email along to all of your parent members.

1) Permit to Report Packets

2) USNA 2019 Parents FB page

3) Parent Resources website


5) Class of 2015 Commissioning Week details

6) Welcome Aboard’ s and NAPC reminders

1) The Class of 2019 Permit to Report packets:  will begin mailing this week from USNA Admissions to all confirmed candidates. Included in that packet are the updated inserts from the Alumni Association to gather the critical parent information used to create the contact list all parent clubs can request for club membership. This year there is an incentive to fill out the Alumni Association forms on-line, all online submission of the membership forms for plebes and parents, the parent information form and registering for the I-Day Welcome Aboard Picnic will automatically enter Class of 2019 parents into a drawing for two 2015 Army Navy game tickets and 2 tickets to the Alumni Association Army Navy tailgate. This incentive is only available to Class of 2019 parents, move information is available at   

2) USNA 2019 Parents facebook page: so after MUCH discussion and planning the Alumni Association has created a parent page for the Class of 2019 parents. This page is completely open to ALL parents of Midshipmen, currently only the Admins can post information and updates but all can comment and ask questions. So why an open page vs a closed group? All the information posted to the page is for all parents to see, completely transparent allowing  parents to benefit from the official information and updates . The page allows us direct support from the Naval Academy, USNA has linked the USNA 2019 Parents FB page on their website under perspective parents until I-Day where it will switch over to the current parent resources tab. If you have not viewed the updated parent pages at click here:            Please recommend this FB page to all your parents, like and follow it for updates, feel free to comment and message me, look over the guidelines and welcome message and send me an email if there is something we should be posting. I will use this page to communicate to 2019 parents the value of joing their local Parent Club and announcing upcoming Welcome Aboard events as one of the many benefits of this open page…so many ways to share news and clarify information. That being said I will continue to work with the many Parent facebook groups to post updates, I do endorse these closed groups in the welcome message as another fun, social resource for parents to join but the Alumni Association will be a source of official information from Annapolis. Check us out 

3) Parent Resources at With the launch of the 2019 facebook page and the revamped Permit to Report inserts, there was an obvious need to overhaul our parent pages on the Alumni Association website and that is now complete as well. Please take a tour of the the new parent page at I welcome all parent club leaders input/feedback! I will be soliciting all clubs to contribute perspectives, survival guides and any handbooks you have for your parents, I would love to link to your website to highlight  your information! This will be a fluid growing project over the next 6 months and I will look directly to all of you for input and perspectives to use to help and support all parents of Midshipmen.

4) Listserv: there was a big push for fundraising from the people to financially support the Listserv this week. We are in the process of notifying and severing our ties to this organzation, we will no longer be able to techinically support the program and will be directing all USNA parents still using the listserv to look at the many available parent resources that are free to all parents. Again if parents find a value in the Listserv, then encourage them to use it but there are no “official or endorsed” Parent Moderators for the Listserv and Parent Programs office will no longer respond to request for finacial or information support from the Listserv. Thanks for your understanding.

5) 2015 Commissioning Week updates: the Tuesday 19 May 2015 combined Men’s, Women’s and Gospel Choir concert will be held in the Main Chapel at 8:30pm and TICKETS will be required to attend the concert. Tickets are currently on sale to 1/C Midshipmen at $19 and $16 per person and all 1/C midshipmen can request and pay for as many tickest as they need. Any remaining tickets will go on sale to faculty, staff and the public on Tuesday 21 April 2015. For more inforamtion and to purchase tickets when available on the 21st of April :            Remember to check the Commissioning Week website for details and updates to the       

6) Welcome Aboard events: Thank you to all who have submitted their welcome aboard event information. I am in the process of inputting and updating the spreadsheet and will post it to the website and facebook page when complete. If you have not scheduled or finalized your event there is still time but please send me your information to be included as soon as possible. I also send this imformation to the Class of 1969 Another Link in the Chain representative to secure a speaker from the Class of 1969 for your Welcome Aboard event.

Lots of updates and changes here in the Parent Programs office and I look forward to partnering with all of you to provide the current, accurate and official information to the incoming parents and families. Look for the Parent Club table registration for the I-Day Family Expo soon! Finalizing it now and will send the link to all when complete, again a free table, chairs and lunch is provided to all Naval Academy Parents Clubs under the Information Expo tent on I-Day, more details to come!


As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns!

Elizabeth B


Elizabeth Beedenbender

Engagement Operations- Parent Clubs and Parent Programs

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation

247 King George Street

Annapolis MD 21402-5068

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